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Phone: 08 9524-1398


When checking in you will need to bring:
We can help with grooming

 A Vets certificate of current F3 Vaccination.

 Kitties blanket, basket or something that they can sit on that smells like home. Even your Old T-shirts welcome as long as they don’t stand on their own.

Kitties possessions which may include toys, brush, scratching post and sleeping basket.

Medication and special dietary supplements if Kitty is on a diet or needs medication.

Your telephone/email contact where you can be reached while you are away or the number of a family member or friend who can assist should there be an emergency.

* Please answer all of the following questions

Away Contact:

Kitties Name
Kitties D.O.B

(select one)


Duration of Stay

Check In
Check Out
Room Type Penthouse Deluxe Luxury Family
  Penthouse Twinshare Deluxe Twinshare (select one)
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Special Requirements:  
Food Wet (Brand)
  Dry (Brand)
  Water (Brand)
Toiletries Brand of Litter:
Grooming Every 4 Days Once a Week Not required (select one)
Other Requirements
F3 Vaccination Certificate Yes No
  Vacination certificate must be produced when checking in and must be current. If it has to be renewed vaccination must be given 14 days prior to check in date. We have the right to inspect your cat on arrival and during their stay and if they show signs of being contagious then we have the right to cancel their booking or seek vet treatment and place them in quarantine.
Normal Vet

This question is not compulsory but we would appreciate an answer
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