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Whilst Feline 5 Star Accommodation provides the best care and attention, sometimes circumstances outside our control will require your cat to seek medical attention. We will make every endeavour to contact you prior to seeking vet attention but sometimes time is critical and we will do what is in the best interest of the cat.  Cost associated with emergency treatment will be charged at the same rate as the vet charges us and this will be onforward to you to be paid at the time of your cats departure.

Our policy is that all cats must be fully vaccinated and the vaccination certificate must be brought and shown before all visits. Cats that have to have their first or be revaccinated should be done 14 days prior to being brought to us for their holidays. This gives the live virus vaccination that is given in the injection time to work and if any side effects like sneezing will not spread the virus to other kitties within your household or our cattery.

Kittens receive their final vaccination at 16 weeks of age and full protection does not fully develop for a week to 10 days after vaccination so they should not be boarded until full vaccination.

We have set up our cattery to prevent and eliminate where ever possible any risks associated with Cat Flu. We follow strict guidelines for care and prevention but should we have an effected kitty we have an isolation apartment ready at all times.

We require you to be a responsible pet owner so if your cat is unwell, which is very inconvenient just prior to you going on holidays, but please do not bring them in as we have the right of refusal of any kitty that has the flu. We reserve the right to seek veterinary care and advise during the kitties isolation and cost will be onforwarded to you.

As a courtesy to “all” our kitty visitors please make sure your cat has current vaccinations.

Flea and Worm treatment 14 days prior to their booking and ensure that they do not have ear mite or ringworms.

If you want to know further information on any of the above please keep reading and if you are still unsure please contact your vet for further information or advice prior to booking.

Important information
The files below are supplied as Microsoft Word Documents)

Cat Flu

Ear Mite

Flea Control

Intestinal Worms




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