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We cater for fussy eaters

Our menu is inclusive and extensive.


We cater for all tastes and try and serve the same meals as Kitty would enjoy at home.


Kitty’s water is from our rainwater supply but we are glad to serve bottled water if it is what Kitty normally drinks and can be supplied by the client.



Summer breezes We have all weather temperatures in the form of air conditioning with heating in winter and cooling in summer along with the Sea Breezes and shade trees keep our accommodation fresh and cool.


Individual electric blankets can be supplied for those Kitties getting on in life and feel the need for extra warmth.


Our grooming is impeccable and we will groom to Kitties normal requirements.


Finely furnished apartments Our bathroom facilities are individual and we will supply and clean whatever kitty litter Kitty is used to at home.


Settled amongst 50 acres of fully fenced, enclosed property. We are private and peaceful.


Prior to booking in we require to site that Kitty has all the required vaccinations which include the flu.

Occupied Twin Share Electric blankets for the old

If Kitty is under medication we would need to know and would administer if necessary. We are only 2 minutes away from a Vetinary Hospital should any emergencies arise.


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